1. Can I change the floor plan?

Yes! We are flexible with all our designs, so if you want to change it to make your dream home we can help you. When making areas larger, there will be increased costs involved so please speak with a sales consultant to discuss your ideas and changes that are most cost effective.

2. What does the cost NOT include?

Connections to Gas, Sewer, Water, Storm Water or Electrical, Council fees, BASIX requirements (if applicable), window furnishings, rock excavation, in-fill surround boards, bushfire, mine-subsidence, acoustic or flood requirements, downpipes, water tanks, concrete slabs, septic systems, separate metering, power poles if required and additional engineering costs due to site conditions and design constraints.

We are able to price these items in after we know where your building location is and what design you have chosen.

3. How does it happen?

The home arrives to your property about 90% complete – so the kitchen you have chosen is in, the bathrooms you have chosen are completed. The internal painting is finished – we come in after it arrives and finish the join to the home, paint over the join, and then we complete the footings and piers under the home.

4. Can I get an accurate quote?

Yes – the process to having us quote for you is:

If you have purchased your land / property in the last 6 months inside your Contract of Sale that you have signed with your Solicitor /Conveyancer is a Section 149/2 Planning and Zoning Certificate


If you purchased the property over 6 months ago you can gain this certificate from your local Council for a small fee.

This certificate tells us everything we need to know about your land and from this information we can quote accurately.

We need to rule out or include things like Bushfire / Flood / Mine Subsidence and know we can do your proposed development.

Upon receiving the certificate, we are able to make an assessment and provide an accurate quote. We also at this stage conduct a FREE site inspection and can organize a time to meet you on site to discuss your building requirements.

5. Where do you travel to?

We travel most of NSW but our pricing is quoted for a 100km radius of Heatherbrae after 100km we have an additional trucking charge and a Trades Travel Allowance for our trades which can be quoted accordingly.

6. Can you build on a sloping block?

Yes, As our homes can accommodate for 700mm(approx.) off the ground, we don’t need a perfectly flat block of land. We can adjust the pier height to suit the lands natural fall – taking  out the need for site costs other builders will charge you for.

If your home needs to be built higher for any reason, there will be crane hire and engineering design costs involved, but we can talk you through the most cost-effective option for your site.

7. Do you include the foundations in the price?

Our construction method includes engineered concrete footings and piers which are included in the price of the home to .700mm high.

8. I don’t have access to my block?

If there is no access to your site – No problem! We can take our tools and our trades to your site and build your home on site.

9. How long does it take to build my home?

After your quote is complete we draw the full plans up and organize your building contract to be signed. We then organize Council Approval and we will organize a time for you to come in and do a colour selection. After this is completed, we order your home and the factory stage takes 10 to 12 weeks to complete. We also then allow a further 4-6 weeks on site for completion (joining home back together, final paint). Then you are ready to move in!

10. Can the building be moved at a later date?

All our homes are constructed on a steel frame chassis and are able to be transported (subject to council approval at your new location).

11. What does your modular range offer for first home owners?

First home owners can purchase the first module from the H Design range, and then when your family grows or you just want more space, you can purchase more modules at a later date. The best part- we seek a development application approval for the whole development at the start, even if your not purchasing the other modules until a later date, saving you time and money!

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