We have financing options available to help you find your new home

Obtaining finance for your new home is an essential part of the home owner’s journey.

At Hunter Valley Homes, we understand that. We also know it can be one of the most challenging and time consuming aspects. That’s why we make it easy for all of our customers by working with your lenders to make sure the whole process flows smoothly and you can secure your new home with us without running into unexpected roadblocks.

If you have already secured a block of land, Hunter Valley Homes can provide you with a quote, and subsequent draft contract to provide your lender. Then we work with your lender to ensure all borrowing criteria are met for progress payments.

The Hunter Valley Homes team can also refer you to RAMS to assist with your home financing. RAMS have the experience and knowledge of the manufactured home process.

Starting your journey with Hunter Valley Homes is as simple as picking up the phone as discussing your needs with us.

Contact Hunter Valley Homes and we can put you in touch with finance experts who understand the Hunter Valley Homes process.

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