h design two stage process – stage 1

Hunter Valley Homes’ unique H-Design is perfect for first-home buyers, young couples or small families entering the property market. The beauty of the design is it has been created to be easily and cost-effectively added to when the time is right for you.

Starting out with Stage One of the H-Design means you know that down the track you can add to your home when you need more space, without the expense of buying and selling; or adding costly, custom extensions to fit in with an existing home.

So you’ll be confident right from the beginning that when it’s time to grow, extending your home to accommodate your family’s needs will be a simple and straightforward process.

h design – stage 1
Kingston Render
h design two stage process – stage 2

Thanks to the H-Design’s thoughtful, clean lines, additional modules can be easily added to extend your home in a way that makes sense for you. What’s more, the contemporary design means you can choose from layouts that not only look great, but offer functionality and simplicity.

Our architects created the H-Design to give you options for linking modules together and creating a home that works for you

As a result, down the track as you need more space, you’ll have a host of different design ideas to work with – whether it’s for additional bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate a growing family or extra living rooms for more spacious living.

h design – stage 2
H Design Render