step by step

Your Hunter Valley Homes journey should be pleasurable and exciting – after all, it’s not something you do every day and it’s usually the culmination of lots of planning and dreaming.

When you build with us, we take all the stress out of the process and there are no surprises. We’ll tell you what to expect up front; and thanks to our modular building system, the weather and unexpected site delays that impact a conventionally built home are virtually eliminated. What’s more, because we construct our homes on piers to suit the lay of the land, in most cases you will not be confronted with costs for site cut and soil removal.

Our off-site building method delivers a professionally built product in a fraction of the time you’d expect a brick and tile home to take.

Here’s how it works…


Once you have visited one of our display homes and you have decided on the style and design of your home we ask you to provide us with a Section 149/2 Planning and Zoning certificate.

This piece of information allows us to investigate your piece of land in detail ruling out constraints on your land such as bushfire and flooding along with mine subsidence, heritage and other constraints that will alter your quoted price.

We are then able to give you a quote based on this information.


After signing off on the quote via a preliminary agreement, we’ll start organising the planning stages, drawings and paperwork for your Development Application. Contracts are signed, a deposit is taken and we sight your availability-to-pay documents.

Once plans and elevations are completed with the consultant we organise a time for you to come in and complete colour selections with us.


With Council approval your home will be in the construction facility for 12 to 14 weeks and we allow a further 6 to 8 weeks for completion. Hunter Valley Homes can arrange additional works such as verandahs, fencing, concreting etc which  add to the build time frame and may also be at an additional cost.


Your home arrives on site – fully plumbed and wired, with kitchens and bathrooms fully appointed in the construction facility. It’s manoeuvred into position and final onsite construction and service connection can be completed.

The last stage of the process for your new home has arrived and your final payment before handover / practical completion is due. Once your account is settled we can then organize a time to hand you your handover pack and most importantly your keys to your new HUNTER VALLEY HOME.