this is a question many people are confused about, so let’s help you understand the difference

A Kit Home is one that you must build yourself.  The kit contains most of the bits and pieces that make up your home but you must build it yourself!

A Modular Home is precision built in a factory, delivered to your site, installed and finished by professional tradespeople.

Here’s a simple summary of the differences:

 Hunter Valley Homes Kit Homes


Flexible with design

Our in-house drafting service means you will see the changes before they are built. We check to make sure it works before constructed


Typically, kits are not able to be changed
Cost effective

HVH obtains competitive rates on all our products


Looks affordable until you find out everything is extra including labor
We have a Builder’s License

Your Hunter Valley Home is built by licensed professionals


You must pass an exam to get your Owner- builder’s license and build your house yourself
Secure finance

Banks will lend you money to buy a Hunter Valley Home


Banks typically won’t lend you money to buy a kit home because it is too risky
More inclusions

We include more as standard. All those taps and fittings are included!


Many fittings aren’t included
Quicker to build

HVH builds to strict time-frames with quality controls in place


Do you trust yourself with a manual?
Away from weather

Our homes are constructed in a under-covered facility. Never delayed by rain or heat


Built onsite, outside and messy
Council approved

We manage the approval process for you


You must learn the process and do it yourself
We like paperwork

We look after your contracts, council application and colour appointments, making the process easy for you


You’re on your own
It’s so quiet

Are trades are working in our factory, so you don’t have any noise or mess onsite.

You’re the project manager.  You will have to manage the trades and deal with upset neighbours